To hear UFC veteran Nate Quarry tell it, being a UFC fighter isn’t the financial boon many assume it to be. In fact, for some – like Chris Leben – being a professional MMA fighter for a living can be a fiscal catastrophe. Sure, there are a select few who make a damn good living on the manna that falls from the Zuffa heaven, but most aren’t so fortunate.

Which is why it should come as no surprise that UFC 170 co-main event fighter Pat Cummins, who’s stepped in on short notice to take on Daniel Cormier on Saturday night, must still find some extra work to make ends meet. Today Cummins tweeted this photo, which clearly shows him toiling away in between fight week media obligations, struggling to make an extra buck or two.

Pat Cummins Twitter

Poor guy. Here’s hoping he gets a bonus on fight night.