Louis Gaudinot, the flyweight TUF 14 veteran with green hair, has tested positive for a banned substance. The substance was a diuretic, and the test was administered in relation to his March 8 UFC Fight Night 37 bout in England against Phil Harris. Gaudinot had originally force Harris to tap out via a guillotine choke in the opening seconds of the first round; the bout result has now been changed to a “no contest”.

The UFC has suspended Gaudinot for six months.

Through his management, Gaudinot released the following statement:

Top 10 UFC flyweight Louis Gaudinot learned that the UFC has alleged that a banned diuretic was found in his March 8 UFC Fight Night London urine test. Louis denies any intentional violation of any rule and wishes to address this.

Specifically, the UFC alleges that Gaudinot post fight urine test was positive for hydrochlorothiazide, a diuretic or substance found in “water pills.”

“I have great respect for the UFC the sport of MMA, and my opponent. I would never do anything to disrespect any of them. I would also never do anything to tarnish my name, my teammates, and family.”

This came as a particular surprise to Gaudinot as he did not change his regime from his previous UFC fights where urine tests were negative.

“While I deny any wrongdoing, I will respect the decision of the UFC and look forward to getting back in the cage in pursuit of the UFC flyweight championship. I thank my family, teammates and fans for their support.”

Gaudinot has fought three other times in the Octagon (not counting his TUF stint). His two losses came at the hands of Johnny Bedford and Tim Elliot; his win was via technical submission over John Lineker.