The Joe Rogan Experience is an amazing podcast. I mean, when he has as a guest someone related to MMA, like Dana White or – as was the case yesterday – UFC champ Ronda Rousey. When it’s a non-MMA guest, it’s usually a lot of talk about weed and whatnot. But whatever, when he has someone in the fight industry on the mic, there’s ton of insight to be had, and yesterday was no exception.

Listen to the podcast here.

Things worth noting: since Rousey’s coach, Edmond Tarverdyan is also a guest, we get to see a bit more about his relationship with her. Turns out, when Tarverdyan is relaxed and in a chill environment, he’s kind of nice and non-blustery.

Also, I think Rousey and Rogan were stoned the last time she was on his podcast…?

It’s all good stuff, so definitely tune in.

Had a great time today talking with #powerful @rondarousey and her trainer Edmond Tarverdyan

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