At first glance, things are going pretty, pretty well in the career of John Lineker, as not only has “Hands of Stone” won three straight fights, but he’s currently ranked #5 in the UFC’s flyweight division. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the Brazilian is 14-1 in his last 15 bouts and has lost just once since 2009. The only problem is, however, is that Lineker has missed weight now three times with the UFC.

At yesterday’s weigh-ins for his UFC Fight Night 30 bout today with Phil Harris, Lineker came in at 128. At UFC 163 earlier this year he came in at 129, and last May versus Louis Gaudinot he weighed 127. So, is Lineker going to rethink competing at flyweight? Well, his manager Alex Davis told MMA

“It’s too soon to say right now,” said Davis, who also added that they will examine the situation after UFN 30 is done. “He still has to win this fight, and that’s what we will focus on for now.”

Fair enough. According to Davis they thought everything was going according to plan as UFC FN 30 approached, but then things went south not long before the weigh-ins.

“We got in two days early, and we were on track,” Davis said. “It seemed everything would be fine, but then he locked up, and the weight simply would not come off anymore. And even stranger, the minute he got off the scales and was in the backstage area, he started sweating again, even though he had not sweated at all since last night.”

So, guess we’ll see how Lineker does today, but the UFC probably isn’t too thrilled about seeing him miss weight again.

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