Pride FC legend Antonio Rogerio “Lil Nog” Nogueira is tired of waiting for his next opponent. He has done what many other fighters are starting to do, as he takes to Twitter to voice his desired match-up.

The two were originally expected to meet at UFC 114, however Griffin pulled from the fight due to a shoulder injury, leaving Jason Brilz to step in.

The request comes shorty after his brother Rodrigo’s (aka “Big Nog”) victory over Ed Herman at UFC 153 in front of their home country and also shortly after a conference call in which White claimed to already have someone in mind to take on Griffin at UFC 155. The rumor… Griffin vs. Bonnar 3. Forrest does hold two wins over his TUF season one companion, yet many fans are still compelled to see the two square off once again. The hopes of another epic war between the two can still be heard, but is it more intriguing than a new challenger?