While the October 9th, UFC Fight Night 29 card in Barueri, Brazil, may not have an all-star filled line-up like other upcoming events have (see UFC 166, UF 167 or UFC 168 as evidence), it will feature several compelling fights. One of the more intriguing scraps scheduled will see Joey Beltran take on Fabio Maldonado, which is a definite must see, due to the aggressive and take-no prisoners approach of both.

Beltran will be fighting for the first time in 2013, as the rugged vet hasn’t fought since he battled Igor Pokrajac at a UFC on FX Card last December. The “Mexicutioner” worked his way to a unanimous decision win over the noted striker, but the result was overturned and Beltran was suspended, after failing his post-fight drug test. Prior to the bout, Beltran was handed a UD defeat by James Te Huna at a UFC on FUEL TV card in July, 2012.

Recently, RM Sports caught up with the 31 year-old Beltran to talk to him about his upcoming fight with Maldonado. When asked what fans can expect  to see at UFC FN 29, Beltran stated (as told to RM Sports and posted on FightLine):

“I promise you violence. It may not be the kind of violence that somebody wants, you know, a lot of people just want to see UFC fighters stand in front, stand in the middle of the Octagon and swing until somebody falls. People don’t really understand we’ve got families at home, we’ve got bills to pay. We have to win.”

“But at the same time, like I said, I promise you violence, I do promise you entertainment.”

So, reading in between the lines, it sounds like Beltran understands going toe-to-toe with an experienced boxer like Maldonado,  may not be the best route to take. The light-heavyweight is coming off a UD win over Roger Hollett in May, after losing three straight. It’s definitely a big fight for both men.

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