It is no surprise to hear that the former knockout artist and UFC legend, Chuck Liddell is for teammates fighting each other. During Liddell’s career he came to a point where he had to fight good friend and training partner, Tito Ortiz. The two signed on, become heated enemies and fought. Liddell proved to be the better man, twice and later on went on to be somewhat of friends again. With the upcoming bout between former team mates Rashad Evans and Jon Jones, history seems to be repeating itself.

“If (a teammate) can beat me, they can beat me. It is what it is. They deserve to fight me then. I’m not going to hold back some guy that’s in my camp if he wants to fight me. That’s not my thing. It’s just a personal choice and a personal opinion, but I think eventually, hey you guys are going at it, then go out and have two beers together afterwards. Go out there and prove who’s best that day, and go out and be friends again.”

For some fight camps, the teammate match-ups are still a nightmare situation. Greg Jackson had been adamant in the past that it is not doable. Splitting the camp down the middle is just not that simple. Training times, specialized coaches, gameplans. The logistics can be a problem. The usual answer as we’ve seen Evans and St-Pierre do recently. Find a new camp.