Chuck Liddell seems to be in MMA news a lot lately, and today is no different. A source close to the UFC told website Heavy on Tuesday that Tito Ortiz and Rich Franklin aren’t in Chuck’s fight path anymore.

The source instead informed the website that Liddell will meet UFC vet Randy Couture for yet ANOTHER bout, this will be their fourth time in the cage together. And instead of fighting at UFC 115, the two will be meeting each other at UFC 116, where Shane Carwin and Brock Lesnar will be going head to head for the heavyweight belt.

After reports that Liddell vs. Ortiz would not be happening, it was rumored that Rich Franklin would instead take Ortiz’s place, since he had spent time in the hospital earlier that month for the flu.

Despite all of these rumors, Dana White stands firm in his statements saying that Liddell vs. Ortiz is still on. He twittered earlier in March;

“We are doing Couture vs. Franklin, not Chuck”

I’m sure before summer reaches us there will be at least three other rumors of who Liddell will be fighting…but as always we will just have to wait and see.