He retired at the top because, well, he was sick of athletes taking performance enhancers and he was getting his ass kicked more and more. But Georges St. Pierre, the Canadian with a heart of gold, never left our hearts, and now he’s claiming that he’s left the UFC and is a free agent.

Um, okay.

There is for sure going to be a big legal battle over this, so here’s MMAFighting bringing you up to speed:

Georges St-Pierre is no longer under contract with the UFC, he told Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour.

“You heard it right,” St-Pierre said “I’m a free agent.”

St-Pierre, one of the greatest fighters in the history of the sport, said his lawyer, James Quinn, terminated his UFC contract after the promotion did not meet a deadline to offer him a fight recently. GSP said he was under a 2011 contract with the UFC and was working on a new deal, but talks fell apart when the UFC was sold to WME-IMG in July. GSP said WME-IMG pulled the offer on the table from former CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and put negotiations on ice.

“It was like a shock, because we felt like we were making progress, we were almost there,” St-Pierre said. “When they told us that, I got angry.”

At that point, St-Pierre said he hired Quinn and Quinn gave the UFC a legal deadline to offer him a fight. GSP, the former longtime UFC welterweight champion, said right before his lawyer-imposed deadline the UFC asked him if he wanted to fight Robbie Lawler at a future date, but Lawler has said he is taking time off from MMA after a knockout loss in July. At that point, St-Pierre said, his lawyer told him his UFC contract was terminated and he was a free agent.