Brock Lesnar announced this morning on ESPN’s MMA Live show that he will indeed return to the cage this summer 2010. This is great news for MMA, and even better news that he is healthy.

Brock Lesnar:

“[The doctors] were dumbfounded,” Lesnar said. “They couldn’t find any problem in my stomach. It’s just a miracle to me.

“I actually had to go to the doctor yesterday before I came out here and get another CT scan on my stomach because I just still can’t believe it.”

An exact date for his return debut has not yet been decided, but UFC President Dana White is really hoping for sometime this summer. So officially Brock is keeping his belt and the Carwin VS Mir bout will be for an interim heavyweight champion. I am sure both Mir and Carwin are excited to have the big guy back in the UFC, as for the rest of the division I don’t know.

This was Brock’s first time back on TV since his illness sidelined him late last year. Lesnar claims he lost about 40 lbs. during this time on top of an 11 day hospitol stay, and has missed well over 3 weeks of training camp. However, last we heard a few weeks back from Randy Couture is that Brock was already Back in training.