Even though last week Brock Lesnar blew up at his camp for “talking out of turn”, sources close to Brock informed MMA Junkie recently that everything is still cool at the camp.

After announcing his return last week, Lesnar showed his clear anger at the fact that many health reports were leaked into the media during his time with his serious intestinal disease.

“It’s been difficult when my own camp comes out and says things when they’re not authorized to say anything,” Lesnar told reporters, “It pissed me off.”

Lesnar being a very private guy, was very upset to find that the source was from within his camp. He even went as far as saying he wanted to fire certain members, but he didn’t say who.

“Automatically, I want to get rid of those people because those are the people that I trust,” Lesnar said. “And for them to go out and speak on my behalf, I was not happy.”

Man..I would NOT want to piss The Brockster off. Sucks for those guys..

Check out the original recording of Brock on ESPN Radio blasting his team: