Some discouraging news on the MMA front today. Rep. Betty McCollum is questioning whether or not the U.S. military should be spending millions to help sponsor sports such as NASCAR, pro fighting (MMA), and pro wrestling, among others, especially when the nation is dealing with such financial hardships.

But, many military officials disagree with McCollum, stating that the sporting events help with military recruiting.

McCollum went on to say that the House, “voted to eliminate funding for homeless veterans, slash community health centers serving low-income families and pass a fiscal year 2011 budget that would force 800,000 Americans to lose their jobs, Yet taxpayer-funded sponsorship of NASCAR racing teams was protected. I find this absurd.”

Oddly enough, it was reported that McCullum  not once, but twice, had decided not to advance proposals that would have changed how the military uses it funding for said sports events, which included UFC sponsoring.

Although this may be the case, Bill Harper, who is McCullum’s chief of staff, stated that she would most likely try to present an amendment on the House floor to 2012 Pentagon appropriations bill that would severely limit funding on any sporting events.

McCullum did indeed offer an amendment to the Dept. of Defense  spending bill recently, but the House Appropriations Committee gave it a no go. The aforementioned amendment would have required the military to submit for a 30-day congressional review period for contracts larger than $250,000 to sponsor certain sporting events (which included the UFC).

*Source: The Underground