It was not the longest fight, but it was an action-packed one round. Lavar Johnson and Pat Barry held no reserves as they went full speed from the start of the bell in front of the East Rutherford, Jersey crowd. At one point Barry pulled into the full mount position, but oddly decided to switch to side mount in attempts at an Americana (keylock) finish that did not come. After some striking back and forth, it was obvious that unless Barry landed a high kick on the chin of Johnson, he was going to sleep. That is exactly what happened as Lavar Johnson is awarded the TKO finish at Round 1, 4:38 after a barrage against the fence collapsed Barry’s legs.

The win brings out Johnson’s second straight win since joining the UFC, as he was seen taking out Joey Beltran at UFC on Fox 2, in Jan. Prior to the merger of the talent from Strikeforce promotions, Johnson had suffered back-to-back losses to¬† to Shawn Jordan and Shane del Rosario. None the less, Johnson is now a top ten heavyweight in his new home after taking out the former kickboxing star, Pat Barry.