Are you ready for another season of the Ultimate Fighter? No? Too bad, because there’s one debuting tonight on FOX Sports 1. But fear not, for if you’re worried it’s going to be the same old hackneyed piece of recycled newspaper that somehow keeps catching the wind and flying into your face, it’s supposedly not.

While last season saw a bunch of very small women battling it out to become champ, this one is all about a team versus team rivalry – an actual team versus team rivalry that exists in the real world and isn’t constrained to some fighter/coach picking dudes he’s never met before.

It seems that the folks in Florida have had themselves a legitimate feud going on for some time, one between the American Top Team and the Blackzillians. Obviously, those names are recognizable because they’re camps that are the homes of some very notable fighters (Eddie Alvarez, Rashad Evans, Alistair Overeem, etc.), but I wouldn’t expect to see those heavy hitters on the show – at least not in a “contestant” capacity. I would, however, expect to see a slight tweaking of the competition structure, especially since the winning team will get a big check from the UFC.

Watch the video below and then we’ll all be on the same page.