Looks like the Los Angeles Kings hockey team has let their first championship in 45 years go to their head.

As the UFC looks to  make an appearance at the Staples center on Aug. 4 for UFC on Fox 4: Shogun vs. Vera, they are aware that the venue happens to also be home to the multiple time championed LA Lakers and LA Kings. For the event the UFC extended its hand to the Kings with this tweet.

@UFC: We got a VIP ticket with Lord Stanley’s name on it for #UFConFOX at Staples.

Admin of the official Kings account did not show mutual respect.

@LAKings: Sorry. The cup is only for those who play a real sport.

Likely following the backlash, the account deleted the comments and replaced it.

@LAKings: We may be busy parading our big shiny trophy around the world.

UFC admin realizing that they were dealing with some underlying disapproval or perhaps even jealousy, they respond.

@UFC: Our checking line > your checking line

Check – mate. The UFC and Kings have both since deleted the comments, but the UFC’s statement could not be any more true. Being a Los Angeles native, I’ve witnessed “Kings fans” coming out of the wood works in recent months. Despite the Stanley Cup win, years of failure on the ice has likely frozen over many of the fans will to spend their hard earned money on the gates. The UFC continues to grow in a time when established sports struggle with bureaucracy to continue on at times, facing lock-outs.