The upcoming television show on Nuvo TV “Fight Factory” looks to be a in-depth look of the popular AKA training camp in San Jose, CA. Despite the fact that Josh Koscheck has left the camp and started his own Dethrone camp, he looks to be a main character in the series. Check out the trailer that features Koscheck giving some harsh words for his former training coach Javier Mendez. The brash former contender takes it even a step further stating that he would like “AKA to burn to the ground.” The coach of AKA, Jon Fitch only has one response to that. “As long as I’m not in it”.

It should be interesting to see how the show unravels with the drama between Koscheck and AKA head coach Javier Mendez still ongoing. “Fight Factory” is set to air on Nuvo TV Aug. 15 at 10p local time. You can find more info on the show on the official site here.