Following another phenomenal performance from the Tri-Star standout, Rory MacDonald has called for a fight against the only man to beat him in the cage, Carlos Condit. Should that fight not happen, Koscheck wouldn’t mind stepping in to “kick ass” as he puts it.

@JoshKoscheck: “Maybe Rory should fight me??? I doubt the UFC would want to see him get his ass kicked.”

Koscheck is currently coming off a  split-decision loss to the man many consider the current top contender, Johny Hendricks in May. As we’ve seen from the UFC match-maker Joe Silva, it’s not preferred to set winners against a fighter coming off a loss. Aside from that, MacDonald is entering contender status with another win. Should Koscheck win, his third bout against Georges St-Pierre would be a hard sell. Koscheck has to hope a new king of the mountain appears in order to sell himself in a third title fight.