Josh Koscheck is getting restless. Everyone else is calling out fighters, so why not Kos? According to the brash former contender, the UFC has no match-ups for him until 2013, which does not sit well with him.

“Doesn’t look like UFC has a fight (for) me until (2013). So I’ll just train and get better,”

“I’d like to fight Nick [Diaz], Damien [Maia], Jake [Ellenberger], Rory [MacDonald] any of those guys will do it…”

Originally Koscheck had told us that he would return at UFC 155, unfortunately a match-up never materialized. After a controversial decision loss to Johny Hendricks at UFC on Fox in May, Koscheck had snapped a two-fight win-streak over Matt Huges (via KO) and Mike Pierece (split-decision).

Should Koscheck fight fellow trash talker Nick Diaz, he will need to wait till February for his suspension for marijuana to be up.

With Ellenberger coming off a win over Jay Hieron at UFC on FX 5, it wouldn’t be the UFC’s usual formula, as match-maker Joe Silva has admitted that they prefer to place winners versus winners and vice versa. If that’s the case, Koscheck would not be eligible to take on MacDonald or Maia as well. However, being a veteran of the sport has its perks, and getting a big fight off a loss is one of them. If Kos talks enough, and the fans call for it –  just as Chael Sonnen has proven, anythings possible.