Cheick Kongo bounces back from his recent loss to Mark Hunt with a lackluster victory over highly toted prospect Shawn Jordan at UFC 149 in Calgary, Alberta. Here is the full play-by-play.

Round One:
Both men gauge with the jab. Kongo lands first with low leg. Jordan gets it to the cage and looks to change levels. Kongo defends well. Jordan unwilling to give up on shoot. Kongo slips to the back and a elbow looks to have caught Kongo in the crotch as he drops to the mat. Ref. stops them and lets Kongo take a break. Reset. Touch gloves and head kick for Kongo just misses. Kongo active with the jab, keeping Jordan at bay. Kongo clinches Jordan against the fence, and Jordan spins. Again, Jordan is looking for the level change for a takedown and no luck. Round ends and Kongo sneaks a knee in the clinch.

Round Two:
Knee lands for Kongo early. Jordan drives it to the fence. Looking for a leg trip is Jordan, and Kongo uses it to spin. Jordan quickly takes back control. Two hard rights land for Kongo and Jordan may be rocked. Kongo and Jordan battle in the clinch and Jordan looks to have survived. Kongo gets the back of Jordan. Kongo is smothering from the side in the same position. Kongo makes a mistake as he goes to get a leg hook and Jordan reverses quickly, now in side control. Round ends in lackluster fashion.

Round Three:
Both men aggressively swinging now. Kongo drives it to the fence and again Jordan reverses. Kongo lands a right as Jordan looks to attempt a takedown. Kongo stuffs it and gets Jordan against the fence. Jordan now looks gassed. Much of the same as they stay in the clinch. The fight ends much like the second.
Cheick Kongo wins over Shawn Jordan via unanimous decisions (30-28 30-27 30-27)

Kongo has struggled staying consistent in his winstreaks, as he was questioned of being a “gatekeeper” at the post-fight press conference, which he did not take kindly to. In such a competitive division with not many clear cut contenders, Kongo could be back in contention with one or two more wins. Only one issue, getting that cardio where it needs to be.