Kimbo Slice finally gets the respect he wanted from UFC fans with his first legitimate win over a true UFC calibur fighter in Houston Alexander. I for one was cheering Slice on while watching the event, and couldn’t be more surprised at how much he had improved. He has had a rough and rocky road to the UFC with smack talk from Dana White himself, but now even White has gone on record with positive talk about Slice.

Kimbo Slice:

“I guess the first round we were feeling each other out. Neither one of us wanted to foolishly rush in. Every fighter’s got a puncher’s chance, so I guess neither one of us wanted to take that chance of getting KOed in the first round. Knowing that I cut weight I knew that I was a little bit stronger than he was because he’s normally a light heavyweight and I’m normally a heavyweight. I knew within the fight that I was gonna get a slam, I just wanted to wait until the right time and capitalize on a good one. On the inside I actually feel good — it’s the outside, I took some good kicks to the shin. We practiced checking them, but in the fight, with the adrenaline flowing, you can take a good 7-8 kicks before they start taking their toll and you say ‘Oh yeah, check, I can check them,’ but by that time the kicks had taken their toll a little bit.”

Dana White:

“I don’t know what Houston Alexander’s corner was doing, but that was the worst game plan they could have ever come up with…. I am not sure if Kalib Starnes was training him or what, but that wasn’t the Houston Alexander I had seen fight before. I don’t think I have to apologize to Kimbo. I helped him. I said what I did and he did the thing athletes do: He went out there and he worked and he made himself better. He deserves credit. He took me up on the offer I made, did what he had to do and went out and beat a legitimate UFC fighter.”