Kenny Florian may be retired from MMA, but he is still very active behind the scenes at the UFC. Between co-hosting UFC Tonight and handling play-by-plays for UFC on Fuel and FX cards “KenFlo” is still a big part of the sport today.Check out the guys as they run a new segment called “Fighters Talk” with Kenny, and get his thoughts on best fight films.

No surprise, like many others, Kenny found inspiration in Enter The Dragon, and BloodSport.

“Enter the Dragon and Blood Sport are kind of the two movies for me that, when I see them I just want to go out and start hitting something. [Bloodsport] I have all the music from that movie”

“You know what would be fun, I’d like to see is Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal. Just throw them in the cage, put some gloves on and tell them one of you guys need to leave. The other guy dies. No training, just go in.”