This Saturday’s UFC 160 bout between Mark Hunt and Junior dos Santos has all the markings of an outstanding and violent stand-up war, which is why most fans jumped with glee when Hunt finally received his visa. Heading into the bout the UFC has done it’s best, and understandably so, to promote the pugilistic skills of each man. They’ve even released a promotion trailer called “Power vs. Power”.

MMA history tells us, however, that often the type of fight people expect doesn’t materialize. If JDS and his cornermen listen to the advice of UFC great and “UFC Tonight” analyst Kenny Florian, dashing the hopes of certain fans is the way to go.

“Mark Hunt can knock anybody out. His leaping left hook is as deadly of a technique as we’ve seen in the UFC. We may very well see Junior dos Santos revert to an offensive ground game. If I’m Junior dos Santos’ coach, I’d say take Mark Hunt down, and don’t trade with him, that’s going to be too dangerous.”

While the footwork and hand speed of dos Santos may very well win out at UFC 160, as JDS claims, Florian is probably right. Not only is Santos is a BJJ black belt, but Hunt has demonstrated numerous times he can end a fight with one or two clean shots.

It’s going to be fascinating to see what goes down.

Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports