Kenda Perez has one of the best jobs on the planet as host of the “Best of PRIDE Fighting Championships” series on FUEL TV, as getting paid to talk about some of the sport’s greatest and most historic fights ever is a pretty sweet gig. If you haven’t watched bouts from PRIDE yet, by the way, your life as a MMA fan is incomplete.

But of course, PRIDE is unfortunately no more, so who does the lovely host like to watch the most in the UFC? While speaking to Rick Lee of RM Sports , Perez relayed:

“Some of the fighters I like to watch in the UFC, Anderson Silva is of course a huge favorite for everyone. He’s just very entertaining. Jon Jones has become a really entertaining guy to watch as well. I really enjoy watching the featherweights and bantamweights now that they’ve joined into the UFC and they’ve gotten rid of the WEC. Just really, quick, fast paced fights and a lot of stuff you don’t see from the heavyweights. So, that’s always fun to watch.”

As Perez notes, Anderson Silva is a consensus favorite, and it would be interesting to see where the middleweight champion sits in terms of popularity worldwide. Georges St. Pierre is likely up their as well, even if some fans don’t care for his run of decision victories.

It’s also nice to see Perez giving props to the featherweights and bantamweights (flyweights as well?), as the bouts are always action packed and don’t typically grind to a wheezing halt after the opening round.

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