This week has been nothing short of epic in the world of UFC. With suspensions, trash talk, XBox parties, and all the action at UFC 145, this will be a time to remember in UFC’s relatively short history. This week’s The Ultimate Show, with the lovely Kenda Perez, breaks down all you need to know about the world of fighting, weekly.

In this past weekend’s UFC 145, Jon “Bones” Jones effectively defended his title against underdog Rashad Evans, ultimately winning by decision. Folks at home were hoping for a knockout in this highly anticipated grudge match, but the more technical, back and forth nature of this one was just as entertaining.

We also got a chance to stop in the green room with Chael Sonnen to talk about his up coming rematch with Anderson Silva. Although Sonnen lost that fight, he seems to think he “destroyed Silva,” and even finds time to urge Anderson fans to mortgage their houses and bet it all on Silva. Among various other inflammatory statements, but hey, you know Chael.

We also stop by the UFC-XBox party to hear about UFC’s revolutionary new accessibility for XBox owners. You can now watch pay per view fights on your XBox, watch supplementary videos released by the UFC, and even make your predictions for up coming fights and compare them to the world’s in a fully integrated social atmosphere. Then senior UFC experts, Jeremy Botter and Jonathan Snowden, debate the long term impact of the Alistair Overeem failed drug test.

We won’t ruin anymore. Just check it out. At the very least, Kenda Perez is looking gorgeous as usual.