Earlier this week, Ken Shamrock (and other MMA stars) fielded questions from MMA Canda about War Machine. His answer was surprising — including both anecdotes about Shamrock’s own family, and the genesis of War Machine’s career.

War Machine, also known as Jon Koppenhaver
War Machine, also known as Jon Koppenhaver
War Machine, also known as Jon Koppenhaver, was hiding from the law after another violent episode — this one with his girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend). Per her account, kicks and punches as well as a blunt knife left her with more than a dozen broken bones and unable to walk. She reportedly only escaped as War Machine looked for a sharper knife to attack with.

“They’ve got all the time in the world and there’s only so many places you can hide, Shamrock said. “Everybody always talks, so they’ll find him. The thing that’s sad about this, is I started Jon, when he first came in to MMA. I brought him in, in San Diego.”

“I had issues with him,” Shamrock continued. “My 17-year old daughter, and Jon was 20-something years old — he took her to Mexico and left her over there. Then he ended up disappearing and I haven’t seen him since. He’s been hiding from me, because he knows if I catch him I’ll break his neck.”

“But he’s always had an issue with this,” Shamrock said. “The guy needs help. It doesn’t need to be on his own, it needs to be done by the court. They need to put him in some sort of rehab. It doesn’t have anything to do with him naturally, it has to do with him out partying and doing things he shouldn’t be doing. They need to get him off the street. If he didn’t have access to that other knife, who knows if this girl would be alive right now?”

War Machine has since been apprehended and awaits trial.