Ken “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Shamrock, just recently lost his on going legal battle with Zuffa, LLC, which has been going on since early 2008.

Shamrock accused UFC of violating the terms of his contract, when he was let go in 2006 after he lost three bouts in a row, even though he had signed for a four-fight-deal. As he did not get his fourth fight, Shamrock sought hefty compensation. Around six figures in “lost wages and sponsorship dollars.”

Unfortunately for Shamrock, a Las Vegas court ruled in favor of Zuffa, stating in their lengthy 16-page comment:

“that Zuffa did not breach the contract, that the contract should be interpreted in manner advocated by Zuffa, and that, in any event, Shamrock and his attorney/agent Rod Donohoo waived any purported breach by Zuffa.”

And even worse, Zuffa will be making Shamrock pay for all their legal fees because of the trouble he caused them:

“The UFC has a clear and unambiguous attorney fee clause in all of its contracts with fighters to the effect, that in the event a fighter loses any contractual challenge in court, that fighter will be responsible for paying our fees. Accordingly, we will be filing a motion to seek recovery of all of our expenses and fees which were occasioned by this lawsuit.”

It won’t be the last of Shamrock though, he is expecting his first fight in mid-2010, against Seth Petruzelli in Cancun, Mexico.