Kelvin Gastelum turned a weight problem (or, more aptly, a “making weight” problem) into a chance to shine among the middleweights, with his most recent trip to the cage ending with him standing over a way-past-his-expiration-date Vitor Belfort while the Brazilian crowd looked on in dismay. But lo and behold, the commission in Brazil busted him for having marijuana metabolites in his system, and now they’ve levied their punishment: a suspension (of course), a fine (duh), and an overturning of the Belfort win into a “no contest” (you bastards).

Well, guess what? Gastelum ain’t happy about that. Nor should he be. But this is the price you pay when you fight Belfort in Brazil – those corrupt Brazilian officials will do anything to help Belfort win, or at least dodge a loss.