There may be no crying in baseball, but in MMA you can bawl your eyes out. Such was the case with Kailin Curran, the little Hawaiian strawweight who – together with Emily Kagan – had the opening bout in tonight’s UFC Fight Night 80.

For much of Round 1, Kagan and Curran banged it out with ferocity, with Kagan landing punches in the opening seconds and Curran nailing her with a high-kick and tossing her with a sweet hip toss. It was pretty even after five minutes, but Kagan’s face was a mess.

All it takes is one mistake, though, and one mistake is what Kagan made in Round 2. Too slow off a scramble, Kagan was stuck on all fours when her opponent took her back. Curran was high, and could’ve been shaken off had Kagan made the effort, but Kagan did nothing, and soon after she was tapping to a rear naked choke.

And then Curran burst into tears. Like, hysterical tears.

Hey, good for her getting the win in the Octagon. She can cry all she wants in those moments.