Junior dos Santos had a big night in his first title defense at UFC 146. He was able to nullify his opponent Frank Mir’s offense and finish the fight in the second round emphatically, as he predicted. According to UFC boss, Dana White, the champs next fight will likely be against a familiar opponent. Former champ, Cain Velasquez had his own impressive showing last night as well, as he took out the very large Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva with viscous elbows on the ground early in the first.

Even though Cain is one fight removed from losing his title, the fact that he is undefeated outside of his fight against the champ, and has defeated his opponents in such an impressive fashion, he has likely garnered the quick turn around title shot.

Some in the press have questioned if their first bout brought out the best Velasquez. The former champ was coming off a serious injury that shelved the champ for some time before defending his title. It is no secret that ring rust can play a major factor in a fighters return. Junior did win the title, but he did not face the same relentless fighter that fans had come to know. A rematch between them may be able to answer once and for all who is the best heavyweight in the division.

The heavyweight talent pool may have received a recent surplus, but following the current collisions, no other top contender have surfaced. With Overeem still out due to a failed T/E test, and  Cormier contractually obligated to one more Strikeforce fight, the proposed rematch seems to be the only fight to make sense at this point. When White was questioned during the post-fight press conference on the likely hood of the bout he had this to say.

“I think it’s a good idea. “I like it. You guys want a date and venue too? I have no idea right now.”