Former champ Junior dos Santos is predicting a knockout in the main event of UFC 211, although since he’s fighting champ Stipe Miocic, odds are he’s correct and it’s the Brazilian who’s getting knocked out.

I only say that because of JDS’ steady decline over the years, and how bad he looked against Alistair Overeem. But who knows, maybe he can do it.

Anyway, here’s MMAFighting with the Dos Santos quotes:

“I don’t think we will go past the third round this time,” said dos Santos, whose last knockout win was in a UFC 160 clash against Mark Hunt. “I can guarantee you it won’t be a knockdown like in the first fight, it will be a knockout now.”

“I believe [Miocic] has really evolved, but he can’t use his recent knockouts as a parameter,” dos Santos continued. “I’m different. I’m as strong as him, and I’m the fastest heavyweight in history. Whatever his strategy is, I will win.

“Everybody knows I’m more confident standing, that I have my boxing as my background and that I go for the knockout the entire time. There’s nothing new. If he decides to stand and trade with me, he will go down — and this time he won’t get back up again.”