For a few weeks now rumors have been rife that UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior “Cigano” Dos Santos has joined compatriot and UFC Middleweight Champ Anderson Silva and LHW king Jon Jones as the first MMA stars to be signed by Nike.

The rumors have proved to be true, as according to Dos Santos’ official Facebook page, he has signed an agreement with the world’s biggest supplier of athletics apparel.

Nike’s director of sports marketing in Brazil, Louis Alexander, had this to say about their latest acquisition:

“Junior Cigano is a top athlete and to have him on Team Nike is an honor,”¬†Mr. Alexander said.¬†“A top athlete is never satisfied. He always wants more – more wins, more titles, better products. Such is the power that moves the brand.”

What Nike did not disclose however, is whether Dos Santos’ deal extends to a global scale, or whether it is restricted to Brazil. ¬†Anderson Silva’s deal was recently extended to promotional activities on a global scale from his original deal.

It would be expected that “Cigano’s” deal will follow the same path.