In a Portuguese interview with the Brazilian radio show “Pânico”, former UFC heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos had some not-so-nice words about the man that handed him a five-round beating at UFC 155. In referencing his second title fight with Cain Velasquez, he had this to say about the current heavyweight champion and upcoming UFC 166 opponent:

“I had no cut against Cain Velasquez, and he hits like a girl. He hit me a lot during the five rounds, but did not open any cuts, although I was very bloated and had to go to the hospital.”

It’s unsure whether dos Santos was burning himself or his opponent with these words but, apparently, it’s okay to get repeatedly punched in the face until you begin to resemble the Toxic Avenger, so long as you don’t suffer any cuts in the process. He also took a trip to the hospital and if it was at the hands of a powerless heavyweight, then it was all the more impressive that this man could manage a feat with such an inferior offensive arsenal. Perhaps it was just a way for Junior to give his rival a compliment in a back-handed sort of way. However he meant it, he still needs to ponder it for a minute or two and ask himself: If Cain hits like a girl, what does that say about the person he manhandled for the better part of five rounds?

In any event, Junior was a much more likable guy when he remained quiet and did the talking with his fists. Now he’s just been coming off as a whiner with a pocketful of excuses for any of his short-comings. Sounds like, this time, he’s just trying to convince himself he can still compete with the heavyweight king. Thankfully, he’ll be granted the opportunity to see if he really can.

Velasquez-dos Santos III is set to headline UFC 166, which goes down in Houston, Texas on October 19th.