Yesterday we passed along word of an interesting interview “Judo” Gene LeBell has done with RM Sports partner, where the legend talked about his martial arts roots,  training, and the men who helped him develop into the MMA pioneer that he is.

Now in the second part of the series, LeBell shared with’s Mark Jacobs his thoughts on the UFC, the promotion’s growth as well as Miesha Tate. In addition, LeBell talked about UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey, who like himself, knows a thing or two about Judo. Here is some of what LeBell had to say about the rising star, who he has helped train and corner, and her upcoming bout with Tate.

She does everything. Her boxing is very good now, her wrestling has always been very good. Her judo is good. But now there are a lot of other women who are also very good. Two people will race and one will win by a yard every time. They just have a will to win and they work harder. That’s her big strength.

I’m in her corner but what I say is a secret. Look, now that she’s a champion, everyone says “I taught her this and I taught her that.” Well her mother taught her that armbar when she was 6. I’m not taking credit for her work, she trains with a lot of good teachers. Let everyone else say it’s them. Meanwhile, Ronda insists I’m in her corner and there’s a reason for it.

I just hope it draws money. I want everyone to make money win or lose. It will be tough. This gal, Miesha Tate, is very good.

You can read the entire interview by heading here.  Rousey will of course battle Tate for a second time at UFC 168 on December 28th.

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