Anything to help the MMA judges get the decision accuracy up is a godsend to the sport at this point. We see the monitors used by commentators, and managers front row when the fight is out of their seated viewing. Why not have the monitors added for the outcome deciders themselves also? According to UFC VP of regulatory affairs Marc Ratner, they will have the ability to watch the fight through the monitor at UFC 131 in Vancouver, Canada. CSAC Exec. Director George Dodd says he has been calling for this also and looks to make this a permanent tool for the judges in California.

“According to UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner, the Vancouver Athletic Commission on Tuesday approved the use of cageside monitors for the June 11 event.

Cageside monitors have been used on three occasions: UFC on Versus 1, UFC 117 and UFC 121.

California State Athletic Commission Executive Director George Dodd told that he requested the use of monitors shortly after he took his position in February 2010.

“There are no regulations that say we can’t have monitors in that area,” Dodd said. “Sometimes we don’t get the best look because those big bars are in the way. It just gives the judges another angle to score fights.”

Ratner said the UFC will request the use of monitors for UFC 130 – which takes place May 28 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas – at the next meeting of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which is expected sometime this month.

Hopefully the new tool helps reduce controversial decisions by judging in MMA, but only time will tell.

Source: MMAJunkie