Former Strikeforce champion Josh Thomson doesn’t really seem to care if Nate – or Nick – Diaz believe his apology for comments posted to his Twitter account over the weekend.

Thomson, who called out Nick Diaz for a fight on the social media platform, insists that his phone was stolen while out to dinner and someone else made the remarks. They included mentioning his knockout victory over Nate Diaz last year.

Nate himself took to Twitter and stated that he didn’t believe Thomson, saying he “got drunk talked a bunch of stupid shit when you woke up you panicked an back-peddled.”

Well, Thomson responded, writing, “I apologized out of respect for you and brother, if it’s not appreciated, honestly, I don’t give crap what you believe.”

Currently, both Diaz brothers have expressed their frustrations with the UFC. Nick retired after a loss to Georges St-Pierre and has turned down several fight offers, while Nate is asking for a new contract after defeating Gray Maynard to close out 2013.

Thomson is coming off a decision loss to Benson Henderson in January, but is sidelined after suffering a hand injury in the fight.