Josh Kosheck has never been one to mince words. Around the beginning of the year Cesar Gracie and Josh Koscheck had agreed, over Twitter, for Koscheck and Nick Diaz to face off against each other at UFC 156. That match fell through because Diaz would not be off suspension yet, and then Georges St. Pierre called to face Diaz to settle their dispute in the cage. Now Koscheck has some harsh words for his former potential foe.

“I’m not a fan of Nick Diaz, no. It just seems like now in the UFC, if you can talk a good game, you might be able to get a light-heavyweight title shot. And if you get suspended for a year, come right back after losing a fight, you get to fight Georges St. Pierre for the title.”

Why does Koscheck not like Diaz? Obviously, a win over Diaz would have meant more than getting a match-up with a returning Robbie Lawler. Could all of this talk be because of their lost bout? According to him it has nothing to do with his style, but it has more to do with his personal life choices and the way he earned his title shot.

“Did you say fan? I’m not a fan – his values and my values are completely different. He does things that I don’t do like – smoking pot – and I don’t associate it with that. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but that’s just what he does and it’s not my thing.  So, maybe I’ll just take a couple of months off, do some things I shouldn’t do, and maybe I’ll get to fight for the title.”

Diaz’s alternative lifestyle seems to be at the forefront of Koscheck’s dislike, but that does not mean he cannot like Diaz’s fighting style. Also, having fought GSP twice, he might have some insight into whether or not Diaz can actually win his bout against the champion. Koscheck also gave his thoughts on that fight as well.

 “I believe it’s going to be an easy fight for St. Pierre. He’ll just take him down, wrestle him and control him like he has everyone else. Georges is going to be there for awhile – it’s going to take a good wrestler who can stop his takedowns and has power in his hands and eventually knock him out.”