If you missed the news, Josh Barnett is geared to take on heavyweight up-and-comer Travis Browne, shortly after his astounding defeat of Alistair Overeem at UFC Fight Night 26. Not only does “The War Master” relish the opportunity to fight Browne at UFC 168 in Vegas, but he plans to make an example out of the young Jackson’s MMA fighter.

“That’s true, there is going to be at least 500 pounds in the ring. It’s a big opportunity for me. This guy is an up and coming young buck, he wants to prove his name. He wants to show that beating a guy like Alistair Overeem was not just a flash in the pan. So he’s gonna look to make his name off of me and I’m gonna look to carve another headstone.” – Inside MMA

Barnett will be riding off his own impressive dismantling — taking out former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir at UFC 164 in the first round. Some would call it an early stoppage, including Mir himself, but as UFC President Dana White puts it, Mir should of never put himself in that type of position. Referees must do their job to heed on the side of safety, which in some cases may cause early stoppages. Come UFCC 168, both men will be once again looking for the finish to campaign for their own title shot.