While many of Strikeforce’s biggest names and most talented fighters are already having an impact in the UFC, just ask Frank Mir or Jay Hieron, Josh Barnett remains on the free agent market. It’s not because ZUFFA isn’t interested in bringing the renowned heavyweight over, however, as Barnett has already turned down one offer from the MMA giant.

Despite the fact they haven’t been able to come to terms, Barnett relayed on the latest MMA Hour program that he’s still hoping to make his Octagon return and soon. When asked by host Ariel Helwani about his wishes, Barnett stated “I would love to fight in the UFC next” before adding:

“To be in the UFC would mean to go back to where I already won the belt, to go back to where I was a champion at 24 years old, and try to cement my legacy as an MMA fighter. I don’t really feel I can create that legacy and finish on a high point unless I’m there.”

Of course, it remains to be seen if Barnett and the UFC can come to terms before any cementing a legacy can take place. On that note, Barnett wouldn’t elaborate on the issue that apparently the two parties can’t agree on, yet.

While Barnett will and should attract fans where ever he winds up, at this stage of his career, it would be great to see him back in the Octagon. There’s no doubt the 35 year-old can give some of the top UFC heavies a run for their money, and his gift for promoting his truly Sonnen-esque.

Photo Credit Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports