If you wanted further proof that the UFC’s heavyweight division is an ageless place where what’s old is new again, then look no further than Josh Barnett. At last night’s UFC Fight Night 75 in Japan, the former UFC champ (circa UFC 36!) took on TUF 10 winner Roy Nelson, and for just about all five rounds of their main event clash, Barnett battered Nelson relentlessly.

Nelson had his moments. He managed to get his opponent down and secure top position, and he even landed a high-kick that seemed to defy the rotund physicality that Nelson brings into the cage.

But on the other side of the equation were Barnett’s knees, and his tactic of pressing Nelson against the cage and unloading with body shots, which wore Nelson down until he was practically moving underwater in the later rounds.

When time ran out the judges’ awarded Barnett the unanimous decision, which puts him back on the winning track after getting KO’d by Travis Browne back in 2013.

What is up with these ancient heavyweights still remaining relevant?