Not only did Jospeh Benavidez do his part at UFC FN 28 to violently dismiss the idea flyweights can’t finish (and a tip of the hat to Ali Bagautinov as well), but in taking out Jussier “Formiga”, he took another step big step to locking up a rematch with champion Demetrious Johnson. Yes, Benavidez was already ranked as the #1 flyweight contender, but by recording his third straight win, the UFC doesn’t have a lot of other options in terms of the next challenger (Johnson already has wins over the top four ranked 125’ers).

You may have noticed last night that Benavidez didn’t start screaming for another crack at the belt after the bout, nor did he drop to his knees to beg the UFC for one more scrap with the champ. According to MMA, no call out to Johnson was made after the event either.

“I believed I was the No. 1 contender really since I lost, that I was the next-best guy in the division to Demetrious,” said Benavidez. “He’s been a great champion, but I’ve proven I can go out there and not only beat, but finish the top guys in the division.”

“At the end of the day, I could bark for it, but it’s not up to me,” Benavidez said while discussing whether he’ll get tapped for a title shot, “So whatever the UFC decides.”

So, it doesn’t sound like Benavidez is going to start campaigning for another title shot anytime soon, but as he alluded to, he’s been doing a fine job of that inside the Octagon already, When you consider Johnson just got by Benavidez with a split decision win in their initial meeting, there’s a solid chance the flyweight will be fighting for the belt sometime in the near future. ┬áHere’s hoping that fight gets booked.

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