It’s natural for a fighter to receive some negativity when he or she loses, even when that fighter held the title of “champ” for years.

But if you’re Jose Aldo, who lasted all of 13 seconds against challenger Conor McGregor at Saturday’s UFC 194, that negativity is apparently an ocean of hate that flows even from your own countrymen.

Aldo’s coach, Andre Pederneiras, doesn’t like all that hate being levied upon his star pupil, so he’s released the following statement (courtesy of MMAFighting):

We need to understand that Jose Aldo is a human being subject to defeats, like any other. Those who show up criticizing him should think: this guy came from Manaus to Rio with nothing, to live in a gym, sleep on the mat, and wake up late so he wouldn’t starve since he had no money to have breakfast. He got where he were, always believing he would be a champion, and became one, due to hard work and dedication. The people’s champion.

Would those who are out there criticizing, talking about embarrassment, have the courage to do what he did? I bet not. If they did, they would know how hard is to win in a country where it’s rare to have support to sports. My message to critics is this: get up from the chair, get out from the computer, drop the phone, and do better. We need more people like Aldo and less critics from the couch.

The king has left, but will be back shortly.