Nova Uniao chief Andre Pederneiras has been producing high-level fighters for years, so it’s a safe bet he knows what he’s doing.

Unfortunately for him – and his star pupil Jose Aldo – all the preparation in the world doesn’t mean a damn thing when the stars align just so and an Irishman with killer accuracy in his hands does what he does best.

Combate (h/t to MMAFighting) caught up with Pederneiras for a lengthy interview about what happened on that infamous night at UFC 194 when Aldo lost his belt to Conor McGregor, and though Google Translate turns much of the Portuguese into word salad, there’s some good stuff to be gleaned from it. Like this:

No. No. We trained for the worst guy in the world, as we always train. If I had despised the guy, I did not bring four guys from Holland, Andy Sower, a lot of people we brought to be able to help. Would have trained with the only people here, all right-handed, with the exchanged basis. But we brought left-handed, highest, with a wingspan greater than his. We worked in the worst scenario. So I’ll guarantee you, I will never put my athlete belittling any opponent. It can be a chicken (the other side); I’ll put the guy to train like a dog, because the chicken had seen an eagle on the fight and then, danced up. I will train the guy to catch the worst situation in the world.

Essentially, Pederneiras is saying they trained hard for McGregor. Check out the rest for more insight.