Jose Aldo has finally reached his breaking point in regards to the love the UFC used to shower him but instead now showers some brash Irishman. Sure, maybe there’s a bit of jealousy there, but the fact of the matter is that the UFC has been letting Conor McGregor do whatever the hell he wants – move up two weight classes to fight Nate Diaz twice, fight lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez, hold the featherweight belt hostage – all because McGregor made the organization millions upon millions of dollars.

So Aldo wants out. And his coach, Andre Pederneiras, reiterated that decision to MMAJunkie.

Nova Uniao leader Andre Pederneiras, who’s been with Aldo since the first steps in his MMA career, told SporTV’s “Planeta” show today he’s on his way to Portland, Oregon, where he hopes to sit down with the matchmakers and UFC president Dana White to determine the terms of Aldo’s contract termination.

“In my mind, from the conversations we had, he no longer wants to fight for the UFC,” Pederneiras said. “I’m traveling today. Hopefully, I’ll have a meeting with the matchmakers. I believe Dana will be at this event, so we can sit down and figure out the best way to terminate the contract.”

“Yesterday we talked and he said he doesn’t want anything, not even millions of dollar proposals,” Pederneiras said. “In his head, he wants out.

Well, see Aldo. It’s been swell.