It was expected to take place at the recently past UFC 153 in Brazil. Unfortunately a foot injury sustained in a motorcycle accident had kept featherweight champ Jose Aldo out of a title defense with former lightweight champ Frankie Edgar. The injury does not look too devastating as reports roll in from the Brazil outlet clicrbs (Portuguese) that the two have been re-scheduled on the upcoming UFC 156 Brazil card on January 19th. The report suggests that the UFC will look to fill the HSBC center in Rio once more.

The event should not come as a surprise as Dana White has spoke several times on the loyal fans of Brazil.

“It is so red hot in Brazil,” White told the Chet Buchanan and the “Morning Zoo” program on KLUC-FM (98.5) in Las Vegas. “When we go down there, the fans are so loud and chanting for their guys. They go crazy for their guys. It’s just unbelievable.”

With reports coming through that Aldo is close to 100 percent, and is now “done with riding motorcycles,” the match now holds no hindrances to an early 2013 match-up.