Jose Aldo probably remembers nothing about the moment Conor McGregor destroyed him – both physically, mentally and historically – and that’s just as well, because if not for the mind’s penchant for coping with trauma via memory loss, the Brazilian would likely wander around in a fog, a broken man, a shell of his former self. But the notion that that memory will come back to him, that one day Aldo’s brain will unveil the specifics of McGregor’s fist taking from him everything he’d worked hard to make for himself, well, that thought likely haunts Aldo. Because that day is surely going to suck.

UFC 212, which takes place in Brazil and is headlined by Aldo, will see the Brazilian try to beat back the ever-advancing Max Holloway. Of course Aldo is confident, and of course Aldo is telling the media that he thinks Holloway is scared. But deep down inside, in places we can’t see, you just know Aldo is afraid, afraid of the day that memory of the McGregor fight will dislodge itself and crush his world once and for all.

Anyway, here’s MMAFighting with Aldo’s trash talk.

Speaking with the media in Brazil, on Thursday, Aldo said that Holloway behavior at the open workouts Wednesday, when he welcomed the boos and “you’re going to die” chants from the crowd, shows how nervous he is.

“He’s f*cking scared. He never fought under this pressure,” Aldo said. “He gets nervous when the crowd puts pressure over him. It’s all lies. He doesn’t want to show (he’s scared).

“You don’t care about the crowd, you go there and do your job. I’ve fought in front of thousands of people and never responded to the crowd. I got there, did my job and left. When someone starts to show that it’s because he’s so nervous you can’t even imagine.”

Before they faced off in the end of the media day, the Brazilian said Holloway has changed his behavior after meeting him in person.

“He never went through this,” Also said. “He never experienced a fight like this, so important. Everything is new to him. You can see his attitude is different face to face. He’s nervous, you can see. He’s trying to show something he’s not.”