The brain is an amazing thing. Not only does it store all our memories, but it shapes them through a lens of subjectivity. Of course, if you rattle the brain around too much it mucks with memory and perception, but hey, that’s just nature.

Former champ Jose Aldo got his brain severely rattled when he took on Conor McGregor and got utterly starched in mere seconds. Since then, the Brazilian has admitted to not pretending that fight had never happened, refusing to believe it could happen again, and failing to see acknowledge that there are people out there capable of defeating him.


Anyway, rematching with Frankie Edgar at UFC 200, and Aldo seems to think that Edgar is still the same fighter he beat by decision years ago.

As per MMAFighting:

When he elaborated on Edgar’s evolution, though, Aldo ended up saying “The Answer” is pretty much the same fighter, except for one detail.

“We are two more experienced and skilled, well-rounded fighters, but I’m well trained. If I have the opportunity, I will finish it earlier, but I’m ready for five rounds,” Aldo said. “I didn’t see a big difference (in Edgar’s game after UFC 156). He continues to be the same thing to me. The only thing is that he’s more used to the weight cut now. He continues to do the same things, the same movement.”

Someone needs to do a thorough check of Aldo’s brain. It might be permanently messed up.