So much for the year of the superfights, because Jose Aldo is pulling an Anderson Silva and is refusing to face Anthony Pettis. It is confusing as to why Aldo would refuse the fight, especially considering that the UFC had already announced the bout as set. Well, according to Dana White, Aldo has said that he does not believe that Pettis deserves the title shot.

“Andre Pederneiras was in England and he sat down with me and Lorenzo [Fertitta] and was like, ‘We don’t think he deserves it.’ What do you mean you don’t think he deserves it? ‘Well, he might be the No. 1 guy at 155, but how does that make him the No. 1 guy [at 145]?’ Are you out of your f—ing mind? Are you serious? Did you seriously just ask me that question?”

It is possible that some fans agree with the sentiment that Pettis does not deserve the title shot, and that he leap frogged over fighters like Ricardo Lamas and Chan Sung Jung. To White, the argument does not make sense, because in his eyes Pettis gets a title shot at 145 if he wants it.

“It’s like if Aldo wanted to move up to 155, are we going to say he’s not the No. 1 contender? What are you talking about?”

There is one big difference though, because Aldo is the champion at featherweight and not the number one contender. The equivalent would be Benson Henderson dropping down to 145, not Pettis. Regardless of that discrepancy, White is adamant that the fight will happen, but the MMA world is sure to wait and see as this story develops.

“F—in’ right, [Aldo] is gonna fight Pettis. That fight’s on. He’s going to fight Pettis, or he’s not going to like how this is going to turn out.”

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