Hacran Dias is 3-2 since entering into the UFC, is all about going to the scorecards and making judges do work, and has about as much a future in the sport as any ham-and-egger. But he’s also the teammate of fallen featherweight king Jose Aldo, so of course when Aldo fell to Conor McGregor at UFC 194 on Saturday, Dias did his best to throw some stink-eye in the direction of the Irishman.

As per Combate (h/t to BloodyElbow):

I told him to fight me, I’d fight even for free. It’s a boring moment that happened, many people talking a lot of nonsense now. I do not know if he saw or pretended not to see. He looked around, I pointed at his face … he may have given a disguised. But I said I would fight him to fight me. Let’s see, right? It is a difficult time a little talk, but I wanted to be struggling with it.

Dude, the only way you’re getting in the cage with McGregor is to retrieve the body of your unconscious training partner. Ain’t no way¬†you’re fighting the champ.

Ain’t no way.