Jose Aldo came up short against Max Holloway once again, with his UFC 218 loss pretty much making it certain that the Brazilian former champ will never again wear championship gold again.

Which is fine, his run as featherweight king was long and accomplished, and no one reigns supreme forever.

Now linger the questions as to Aldo’s future, such who he should fight and how many more fights he has left in him. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing him take some easier fights, because retiring with brain damage has got to suck. But whatever, it’s not up to me.

It is up to Aldo, though, and he still believes in himself. As per his Instagram, and Google Translate:

I just have to thank for everything my family that I love, my team, the best in the world “Nova Uniao” for making me great and champion to the friends and fans who are always with me, thank you all !!
I will always be optimistic, because believing is the first step to making it happen !!