MMA fans are used to hype. It seems every week a bout is proclaimed as among the most highly anticipated bouts in the sport’s history.

But sometimes it’s not just hype, as in the case of Jose Aldo’s upcoming UFC featherweight title defense against rising star Conor McGregor at UFC 184 on December 12.

The bout, which was postponed from July due to a rib injury suffered during training by Aldo, is widely regarded the biggest MMA bout of the year. And it won’t just end the two’s rivalry, according to the champ — it will end all talk about his challenger.

In a recent media appearance in his native Brazil, Aldo said while his training is going well, he’s looking forward to not having to answer any more questions about McGregor.

“My preparation is getting harder now, but I’m fine,” Aldo said, as transcribed by Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting. “I started my camp a month ago and I’m feeling good now. It’s not the ideal yet, but I will get there.”

He’s also ready to forget about the injury which shelved the July showdown.

“It’s in the past, we have to look to the future and forget about the injury and anything else,” he said. “I’m 100 percent already, playing soccer and able to train. Let’s hope nothing bad happens so we can get there and put an end to this story.”

Overall, the longtime 145 lb titlist seems more tired of the talk from his colorful opponent than anything else. But he sees an end coming soon.

“Yeah, (I’m tired), but I’m used to that already,” he said of the Irishman. “It was supposed to be gone already, but after Dec. 12 we will win and we won’t talk about him anymore.”